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Beautiful Criminals - See Some Of The Most Beautiful Prisoners Arrested

One of the first images that comes to mind when thinking about prisoners or criminals is an unsightly man with a beard. The fact that most people judge people based on their appearance makes it difficult to simply suspect a gorgeous lady or an attractive man of being a criminal on the first occasion.

Although they may appear to be harmless, some of the most beautiful plants and animals on the planet are really among the deadliest; their appearances are just there to fool you. In fact, there are some prisoners who are so attractive that you may think the prison is a modeling agency.

Check out this list of some of the most attractive prisoners ever apprehended, and see if you can believe they are capable of killing a butterfly in their sleep.

1. Angela Coates

Even though she appears to be a fantastic model, a lovely, nice person who is incapable of harming anyone, she was arrested in 2014 for disorderly behaviour in Georgina, New South Wales.

2. This lovely blond lady, whose name was not given, but who appears to be both gorgeous and harmless, was second on our list.

3. Meagan Simmons

It doesn't appear like she is capable of committing a crime, but she was caught for DUI in 2010. She is another stunning lady who you will find hard to believe has ever done anything wrong.

4. Toni Lee Hopkins

In addition, she does not deserve to be detained and imprisoned; she was arrested in Houston for the crime of being a stripper, as reported by the local media.

5. Lorena Tavera

Despite the fact that she is a true beauty queen and is breathtakingly stunning to behold, she was jailed in 2011 for shoplifting.

6. Unfortunately for this lovely girl, she was arrested in 2014 for carrying a prescription-only analgesic Xanax without a doctor's order.

7. Alyssa Bathrick

Countless times she has been arrested, and if you go up to the top of the page, you will see another of her photograph.

8. Mirella Ponce

In spite of the fact that she appears to be innocent, she was detained in California with a baby and a pistol, in addition to being a member of an organized crime syndicate in the state.

9. Haeli Noelle

After leaving the teaching profession, this stunning lady had an affair with one of her students and was arrested as a result of her actions.

10. Shannon Csapilla

Aside from that, the beautiful lady seen above does not deserve to go to jail because she does not appear to be capable of harming a fly, but she has been arrested for first degree murder.

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