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Another Zimbabwean Man Arrested In Gauteng Province, See What He Was Caught Stealing

South Africa has always been a home to many people irrespective of their age, size, colour and even countries. According to statistics, South Africa have the highest number of African foreigners who live in the country to seek for better environment or more job opportunities.

Although the country have been living in Harmony with foreigners for years now, but things has started to escalate internally and that had made the people of Mzansi ask for the immediate removal of foreigners immediately. They believe that foreigners are the major causes of the problems in the country.

Many news have been trending on all social media platforms for over a week now, but a particular news have been making the headline on all news platforms, According to the news, a Zimbabwean was arrested in province yesterday for allegedly trying to steal a copper cable belonging to the government.

Looking through the pictures of the scene, you can see that the man was tied with ropes in other not to escape, also the picture of the cables he was trying to steal was attached to the photo.

Many people have shared their thoughts on this picture, some said the man should the arrested and deported back to his country while others said he should be arrested and made to show where the other people who indulge in this crime lives in other to capture everyone of them together.

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