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Theft robbery

A lady who was an armed robber has shared her story about how they operate in banks and other places

A woman who was an armed robber recently spoke about their activities in banks, houses, and other sites, although she requested anonymity. According to the woman, she visited Côte d'Ivoire with her grandmother when she was five years old. The small girl aided the trader, and the woman was a trader herself. The elderly woman was not feeding her, but fortunately, their next-door friend occasionally feeds her.

A fourteen-year-old girl was raped by a neighbor, but her grandmother took no action. Following her grandmother's sexual abuse, she became acquainted with and followed numerous people, which eventually led to her being a prostitute and an armed robber. While working as a prostitute, she developed an interest in armed robbery.

When a man chooses her in the middle of the night, she will incorporate sleeping pills into his beverage or water. He will consume it in order to fall asleep. Following that, she takes his money and places a phone call. They were captivated after witnessing the act and then committed the theft. She added that the armed robbery involved six female criminals, and everytime they do a crime, they wear socks over their shoes to avoid being heard.

Naturally, banks must follow suit, as one bank employee will be required to pretend to withdraw money from the bank. While the woman is watching over those who have come to withdraw their money, she will also be speaking with other bank customers. Then she will engage the individual in a one-on-one dialogue.

The other team members are already on their way to meet her on a motorcycle, and once she calls, they will instantly begin following and assaulting the other team member. They encountered another party of nine men and agreed to collaborate. They then proceeded to rob people along the Ghana-Cote d'Ivoire border. She has repented for all the wrongdoing she has committed as a result of the robberies.

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