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Another Broke South Africa to Host State Funeral ? Opinion

South Africa since we on lockdown from last year March 2021 the economic status of this country is unpredictable and mostly South African youth unemployed.

Main concern about this is where is money government will take the money to host another state funeral? What is the use of spending so much money in funeral it's could be a major rapid spread of Covid19.

According to level two about 250 indoor attendence allowed to attend funeral and outdoor 500 people are allowed.

Why do we allow such as the vaccination rollout is quite slow.

My main concern is that our government must start to priorities basic need such as service delivery in most municipality people are suffering, insufficient water supply,jobless graduated youth, poor service delivery in most local municipality is the only thing that matters our government must focus on right now on my own perspective.

South Africa economic status could take more than a decade if such expensive event continue under this current government administration.

South Africa only need accountable leaders not those who priorities their own packets.

Therefore state funeral is not essential since we are on lockdown instead those funds must be given youth own enterprise only if they still have freedom chapter that emphasized people must share.

The mismanagement of funds as it's a norm must be taken to consideration instead of spending funds.The shacks in South Africa are such unacceptable as basic house clearly not given to right people.The right to house and shelter must be practical now instead of giving South African free campaign t-shirt.

It's saddened to see people thanking free t shirt at this time while they are suffering.Most sad thing is the more we enjoy handout the less we service delivery in most community.Furthermore it's take a great citizen to priorities valuable assets in the community.

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