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A lady posted her bread with butter but people noticed something, see here

A woman as of late created a ruckus on twitter in the wake of posting her bread with margarine and dark tea. As the vast majority know this has been a significant normal feast for a many individuals the nation over. It is basic and helpful as it doesn't need a ton of time to plan. 

The woman referenced that this is likely probably the best supper she has at any point had. The vast majority concurred with her assertion however not the measure of margarine she utilized. Certain individuals saw that she utilized a great deal of margarine on each cut of bread. This was the sort of thing individuals didn't anticipate. See a greater amount of individuals' responses down beneath; 

You just need a smidgen of spread to cover each cut. Utilize light, short strokes to cover your bread in spread. When you have some margarine on your blade, apply it straightforwardly to your bread. 

Offer your considerations on the remark segment, what is your take on the woman's supper? 

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