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[Watch] Municipality Building Burns Down After Hawks Launch Investigation Into R15 Million Stadium

Date: 12/10/21



The country was in great belief after they heard a d saw the stadium the ANC Government had build for R15 million at Enoch Mgijimi municipality. This had a lot of people wondering where exactly the money went and an investigation was opened against the municipality and people involved. The Hawks announced that they are starting a very serious investigation into the matter and a few days later, the building is on fire.



On the night of the 11th of September, the municipal building where most of the files and evidence are regarding the case of the over-expensive stadium burnt down. A few people took pictures of the building as it burnt to the ground with no firefighters in sight or people trying to out out the fire.

By the time the person in the video was taking it, we could see the whole building was destroyed and the was no saving it. It can be heard in the video that the person said that the building was being burnt for R15 million. It is not known if that is true but what can be said is the evidence was in the building. It was engulfed in flames and with no one to put it out, it burnt all the way to the ground.


They are often coincidences that happen in the world but this one is too convenient. The police have not yet released a report on what exactly took place at the municipal offices but people already believe they were getting rid of the evidence.

The Hawks have already said that they are investigating the matter and if a large chunk of evidence goes missing, there is nothing the hawks can do to complete the whole investigation. At the current moment, they have very little evidence to do their investigation which puts the builders of the stadium at an advantage.

Watch the full video below:

What is your take on the matter? Do you think the building got burnt because it an evident or it was all intentional?

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