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A 79-year-old woman who is living inside a Rondavel house is seeking for help to get RDP house


A 79-year-old woman lives in this rondavel house alone.. she has three kids and she is not working. She only lives with SASSA money to buy food to eat and take care of the 3 children,

It has been so long now living in this house since her husband does a year ago. she couldn't find any luck to get a job to work for her children. she is struggling a lot.

When it rains they run to ask for an extra door or sleep under the neighbor's house, which she is trying to do until the rains stop. the woman struggled too much now she is seeking help to get an RDP house before she dies she wants to live her children in a good condition house when God take her life because she is now too old.

Please people, someone who can help put their hands in... please South Africa let's share these photos in groups until they reach someone who can help.

You can contact Mr. L. Guys 0632174853 or Ms. N. Aliva 0634240249/0790786947 thank you

Please guys do something to help the lady to build her an RDP house to live out of the rondavel that is already live them in danger anytime the house can collapse.

Help the last to get help from you guys who can help her below contact is mentioned, this is very touching and heartbreaking to see a South African woman living inside a shocking house like this.


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