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Meet The Mother Of 8 Children With No Legs That Shockes Everyone


Meet a mother of 8 children who has no legs and no husband to raise her eight children because all the men who raped her neglected the children.

It all started one day when some giants attacked her one night while she was returning home from a visit to a friend.

After they attacked him and found nothing for him to run away with, they paralyzed him and left him for dead.

At the hospital, doctors found that his legs had been cut with a machete, and nothing they could do had cut his legs.

From that day on, she has lived a life of disability and things have gotten worse after she was raped by three men in a row each leading to pregnancy.


He had to leave his hometown because of embarrassment and move to another village where he was offered a house by the government because of his disability.

The man has promised to love and care for her and no one else but she is aiming to benefit from the home given to her by the government.

After having five (5) children with her, she also ran away and never returned

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