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In shock, Look what a Zimbabwean man used to burn in his room in Tembisa. Rosettenville Gang Member

Police searched a room in Tembisa's Phomolong Section on Thursday, turning the yard into a place for people to watch. It was Wednesday night when police found guns and ammunition in the rent-free apartment of a Zimbabwean national. People in the neighborhood were pointing their fingers at a yard on Mofokeng Street on Thursday.

Place where police found guns and ammunition at the rent-a-room used by a Zimbabwean man wanted for the Rosettenville shootout.

Several people took pictures with their cell phones and sent them to each other. Police in South Africa have arrested a 42-year-old Zimbabwean man on suspicion of involvement in a shooting that killed seven people in Rosettenville on Monday.

It now stands at 11. People who were renting the room from the police found over a thousand rounds of live ammunition, jamming devices, G4S and SAPS protective jackets, and uniforms inside of it.

As a neighbor told me, they've suspected the man of crimes for a long time. They didn't want to go to the police.

"People didn't like him because he was cold and unfriendly. People didn't like him because he was different. I've never seen him with a woman. He was always in his room. When he came out of his room, he always had two large black bags with him.

"There was always a BMW car outside his house. His appearance scared us. There were no words or smiles from him to anyone in the neighborhood "The next door neighbor said this.

Another neighbor said that the man was hurt in the leg in December, based on what they saw.

"The next morning, he came back and found that he had been hurt. I saw the bullet holes in his leg. He was on crutches and couldn't walk, but he quickly got better. He was running a few weeks ago. An ex-tenant says he had only a bed and candles going in his room.

Make sure you see where this picture came from!

"He told me that he always had candles lit in his room. When he was held with guns on Wednesday night, we thought he was religious. A shock to us all. To get to know each other because it's now or never "says one of the people who live there.

Monday, the man was one of 25 armed criminals who were arrested by the police. Before they could steal money from an armored car, the man was one of them. Eight militants were killed and four police officers were hurt in a shootout that came after. Ten people were taken into custody, and they are now in police custody.

People who work for the Hawks say that the suspect was arrested in Tembisa. Brigadier Thandi Mbembo is the Hawks spokesperson. Police found a 9mm pistol in his pocket. A Magistrate's Court hearing was set for Friday. The Hawks also wanted to make sure the suspect wasn't in the country illegally, so they did that as well.


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