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Lady Gets Ridiculed for Posting This on Social Media About her Mother

For most of us English is not our mother tongue or even our preferred language of communication, but it is a commonly used form of communication world wide. Here in South Africa it a language that is taught in schools and with 11 official languages it the most convenient form of communication we have here in the country.

We all make mistakes when we speak or even type something, even the people that speak english on a daily basis as their base language of communication, but being who we are we are always going to make fun of you whether you like it or not.

Twitter can be a very brutal place where people will pock fun at you for the smallest and simplest of stuff, which makes it very important to watch what you say and what you post on the social media platform.

This lady made a mistake when she posted something about her mother and people just could not wait but to roast her. In her post she said that her mother had her when she was 24 years old, but as you can see it totally looked like the the girl was the one that was 24 years old when she was born. People took notice of this and they made fun of her, and the girl just could not understand why they were making fun of her as she did not see anything wrong with what she wrote in her post.

Here are some of the comments people left behind after seeing the twitt.


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