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A lady left people in sh0ck after asking Woolworths to do the following

As people, we are ignorant sometimes, and us being ignorant it costs us money, some people buy unnecessary things only because they can afford it but only to find out that no your wasting money, that money you can save it. Some things might look simple but when you pay much attention to that thing you will see that no this is wrong.

During this time of covid, it's hard to make money, and as people, it's wise to consider saving because you never know what will that R20 or R50 you saved my do for you, let's say if you tell yourself that this month am not going to buy this but I will take the money and save it don't you think this money will help you one day.

Truly speaking yes we are people and yes we make mistakes, but let us try to fix our mistakes. As they are costing us sometimes. A lady by the name of Mandy took to her social media account asking for help from WOOLWORTHS to help her sell her shopping bags as she says they are too much.

To some people, this might look like it's not a serious thing but honestly speaking this is serious because this lady has over 10 shopping bags, and that's what we call being ignorant honestly, this means every time this lady goes to the store she buys a new bag, and by doing so she is wasting money.

And if Mandy can make it a point that every time she goes to the store she takes a bag, and with the money, she was going to buy a bag she has at home, she can take that money and give it to those people who normally stand at the robots asking money for food, or she can just buy them a meal Mandy by just doing that she might put food on someone's table, just once in a month even if it's not every day that will make a difference in someone's life.

Someone even dragged her a little by say hey am Mandy I buy grocery at Woolworths it was like she was bragging, and maybe she was not.

We have people who are struggling and we can't help them all but those were can help with the little we have. Starting by checking if what you buy every month it's what you need or want. Am not trying to put pressure on anyone but am trying to show people something here.

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