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RIP| She sadly passed away after revealing this to the public

RIP| She sadly passed away after revealing this to the public


It has been over a year and a half that we have been dealing with the Corona virus. It has afflicted more than 200 million people worldwide and caused the deaths of thousands of people. The virus has been eradicated.

We have had nothing but bad things happen to us because of Covid-19, and it has stolen so much away from us from the beginning of the epidemic last year. In a little more than a year and six months, the virus has proliferated and evolved into several varieties.

We do not have a cure for Covid-19 at this time, and vaccines are our best defense against the virus. For this reason, many individuals believe that they should get vaccinated as soon as they can.

The good news is that vaccines are now accessible in practically every country, and in South Africa, they are already being rolled out. They are available to anyone who qualifies, and so far, every adult has been able to register and receive the vaccination.

Vaccines may be beneficial in some cases, but they may not be beneficial in others. It is evident that it will have a different effect on various people, and that the side effects will not be the same for everyone.

Nokwe Ntshangase was a young woman who was vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to protect herself. Unfortunately, she became unwell and died as a result of the vaccination.

During the time she was ill, she revealed that she had believed she was defending herself, but had actually ended up killing herself instead.

She went on to say, "Please say Rest In Peace to me," because she had just returned from getting her vaccination.

The following day, her partner Phila Gcwensa reported that she had passed away and shared a heartfelt farewell letter with Nokwe on Facebook, which went viral.

May her soul find eternal rest.

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