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Panic Mounts After Two Disturbing Incidents Leaves South Africans In Fear

South African citizens are extremely furious after the incidents which occurred a few weeks back. People are now concerned about the type of food which is being sold at the shops, especially the Somalian shops. It is extremely disheartening for people die from food which they purchased from the shops. This shows that our health inspectors who are supposed to be checking the quality food do not do their job, they compromising people's health. The food which is being sold in some shops does not go through the procedures which are supposed to be followed.

5 children (3 in Eastern Cape and 2 in Mpumalanga) have died after eating 2 minute noodles. We demand to know the brand name and origin of these noodles. These children deserve justice and we need to prevent any future deaths. Although the name of the shop and the brand has not been stated, people already suspect that it could be counterfeit items from Somalian shops. This incident has instilled fear in a lot of people as they do not know what to do with the noodles that have already bought. It is really understandable that they are now worried what could happen to them if they consume the noodles, especially with the fact that they do not know the brand which was consumed by these kids.

This is not the first incident where someone dies after consuming something which has been bought from the shops. There are many incidents which have been shared on media where people died or got seriously sick due to the food which they bought. Action is never taken when it comes to serious matters like this and it infuriates people. We have seen videos of Somalian nationals making their own Grandpa, but it has not been confiscated from their shops. It is very difficult for someone ordinary to differentiate between the real and fake products.

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