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Young farmer from Limpopo posted his picture on Facebook, but people spotted something.

Venda’s young, wealthy boy who is also a farmer who goes by the name of Hendrick Makuya, is commonly known as Tshigwili, or "Mr. Doritos." Hendrick Makuya, who recently gained attention because of the love he has for his animals, went live on Facebook, where people ended up spotting something that raised eyebrows. During that live session, the South African citizens were left speechless after seeing Hendrick Makuya's goat wearing Hendrick's T-shirt. 



Even though this event came as a shock to some people, to others it came as a joke because Hendrick Makuya started making headlines after he was caught pampering his livestock with food fit for humans. Hendrick Makuya, a Ha-Makuya village resident, feeds his dogs fresh Wors and Doritos crackers, as well as other high-priced goods.



Many people around his area were left stunned because they had never come across someone who had unconditional love for their animals until Hendrick Makuya appeared. Hendrick Makuya's love of animals nearly affected him recently after his goat, Smoli, died. After that incident, people started to understand this young man's love of animals.



Hendrick Makuya recently got the attention of Doritos because of his love of the Doritos brand that he always buys to feed his animals. Here are some of the comments made by Facebook followers. 


"I am very proud of you, young man. We have seen many people who do unacceptable things just to gain the public's attention. But Hendrick Makuya touched many people's lives just because of the love he has for his livestock. 



Doritas, please do right by this young man. He deserves more than just a thank you. Had it been a celeb, you would have sponsored them with a car or something of value rather than just a thank you. This is an ordinary citizen who is loyal to your brand and has also been supporting your brand even more than any celeb out there right now. I mean, even his dogs eat Doritos. Please do right by him. He deserves more than just a thank you; the whole of Venda is behind this young man. "


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