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A Man Was Spotted Cooking His Food Like This During Loadshedding

Can't teach you everything, many people have gotten onto social media to laugh at an image that had been posted showing an incident. Where it seems like a man had been experiencing load shedding at his place, and this had forced him to improvise because he had to cook a meal for himself.

So he set up candles, about four Candles underneath his pot and then somehow managed to balance them out so that he can be able to cook the meal that he had prepared, this is exactly a funny thing that they are saying it is definitely creative and very inventive of him.

We can even sympathize with him, because we also experience episodes of load shedding in many of these towns. Especially if you live in this country you have at one point or another experienced load shedding, and that is the thing that is causing a lot of people to rely on their creativity to solve their problems.

There is no choice about the situation that we are living in one we talk about being creative and having to adapt to the new way of living which is very much unfavorable, but a lot of people are also in a situation where they have no choice but to adapt to a new way of living.

Some people have even went on to install solar panels into their homes for their heating needs including lighting and others or batteries, the these powerful batteries that are able to basically power a whole house for several days without really losing or needing to connect to the main grid.

So they are quite expensive and that is why not a lot of people know about them, but they do exist and they are creating a very convenient place if you think about a situation where you have that battery.

And you also have the solar panels as well as the electricity and other means of powering your home, you can definitely get away without experiencing this load shedding for a price of course.

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