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A man receives a weird reaction on social media after posting his breakfast

A man who goes by the name of Awande Gumede left people with unanswered questions. This comes after this man took to Twitter to share what he was about to eat as his breakfast. It is no secret that the environment that one grew up in has a significant impact on which food that one likes.

Some people eat foods that doesn't make sense to other people. The search shows that people who grew up in rural areas don't like sea food; they only eat fish and they hate the rest. Awande felt a need to give his Twitter followers a sneak peak of what he was about to eat "Good morning fam" he proudly said and even added love emojis. Awande was set to eat cooked beans, chocolate cake, and drink a tea. People rushed into the comment section and to react to this man eating such a breakfast. Some people were saying they would have understood is this food was eaten by a pregnant lady "Are you pregnant?" asked a curious Twitter user. "This is for people who add suger in Amasi" said a Twitter who is familiar with people who eat uniquely.

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Awande Awande Gumede


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