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What he noticed left him Praying to God to bless our parents

As a developing country, the majority of its citizens have to go through a lot in life in order to just put food on the table. This is because they are living in poverty and there is nothing they can do about it, so they are forced to work, sometimes in extreme conditions, in order to get little enough to buy them food and raise their kids. 

Our parents have to go to the street in order to sell vegetables and fruits to those who are passing by in order to get the money to feed the family. In doing so, sometimes the weather becomes harsh on them, sometimes too hot and sometimes too cold, but they have no chance but to stay there and sell their goods. 


On his Twitter, Mohau Matsile wrote asking God to bless our parents, and in the picture was a woman who covered her whole body, including her head, with a blanket to ease the harshness of the cold in one of the taxi ranks in Johannesburg. 

Many people were born into poverty, and they were told that education was the key to getting out of it, and that they needed to focus and be dedicated in school.They have done all that and finished their education, but that was not the end of their problems, because even though they have stayed strong through all the suffering, finding a job in South Africa nowadays is not easy, even if you are educated.

We have to learn to take life as it comes at us, because we are not the ones who plan, but the man above, and when it is in his hands.

Do you think there is something the government of South Africa could do that would help these people and their situation? Leave your comments below in the comments section. 





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Mohau Matsile


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