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Tips for avoiding lightning strikes

●The first rule of lightning is to avoid being outside when there is lightning activity. Avoid fields and open spaces which could make you the tallest object.

●Avoid using items such as umbrellas or golf clubs or doing activities such as kite-flying.

●Inside your house, avoid anything electrical such as plugs, appliances and telephones, as well as anything relating to water such as taps, basins or pipes, as water is a conductor of electricity. Don’t take a shower during a storm.

●Don’t use your cell phone outside during a storm.

●While a house is the safest place you can be during a storm, just going inside isn’t enough. You must avoid any conducting path leading outside, such as electrical appliances, wires, TV cables, plumbing, metal doors or metal window frames. Don’t stand near a window to watch the lightning. An inside room is generally safe, but a home equipped with a professionally installed lightning protection system is the safest shelter available.

●Standing under a tree in a thunderstorm is extremely dangerous. Due to their height, trees are likely to attract lightning as it makes its way to the ground. A human being, however, conducts electricity better than a tree does, so if you're near a tree, the lightning could easily jump from the tree to you.

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