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Opinion: Sihle Just Wanted Attention, Those Were Unverified Accusations Against Prophets Of God

Facts to consider: This kwanele mfundisi what is it for, victims or just a foundation to make a name?

What do they do to the victims that come forward, any cansilling or therapy sessions?

When was this foundation born, after she worked for TB Joshua or after her mother joined Philip Banda's church.

What was her role at TB Joshua's church, she is a beautiful lady, why did TB Joshua not make an advance on her? If he did why she didn't say anything, so it means whatever happened there, she was part of it or maybe she repented later.

You guys play with ladies, they can build or destroy churches. So many man are on prison for sexual assault they didn't commit. It's my own mind woo.

Let us not just prosecute people before they are given an opportunity to speak or defend themselves in these allegations.

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