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Unexpected| Fuel Truck overturned & people are helping themselves with Fuel. See pictures

The price of fuel in South Africa has been increasing quite substantially in the past few months; and many South Africans are, to some considerable extent, feeling the burden of the increase of petrol. And it is then, not surprising to see many South African people now helping themselves with a fuel coming from a truck that has overturned in the Kroonstad.

It has been reported elsewhere that a fuel truck in the road R76, in the Kroonstad overturned. And consequently, many people rushed to get the fuel.

In the pictures which have been shared on social media platforms, people can be seen surrounding the fuel truck that has overturned. And the pictures have seen managed to grab the attention of many South Africans.

As already pointed out above, the price of fuel has been on the rise in recent times. Many reasons have been given as to why the price of fuel is increasing quite exponentially. And now South Africans are nearly paying close to R 27 a litre of petrol. Some people have been arguing that not so long, South Africa people will be paying those to R30 litre, especially given that the price of petrol has been increasing by R2, particularly in the past four months or so.

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