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RIP: See What A Beautiful Lady Wrote Before Taking Her Life That Got People Emotional

Monny Muthoni, a Kenyan lady, is said to have committed herself after leaving a tragic post on her social media account. OMGvoice Kenya confirmed her death on Facebook. The young lady must have been depressed for some time before committing suicide.

According to a Facebook post she made, she lamented how uninteresting the world has become. She also stated that she had lived a long enough life.

"Dear Universe, I'm leaving because I'm bored and believe I've lived long enough. I'm leaving you in this beautiful pit with your problems. I made an attempt. No more aches and pains. No more waking up. Nobody owns anything." "I'm going to sleep now for a little longer than normal. Call it timelessness."

This lady should be in her late twenties, so how has she lived this long? Why did she commit suicide? These are some open questions. There is no denying that depression exists. Many young individuals are depressed, but they strive to keep it hidden from the world. This Kenyan lady may have been so depressed that she decided to terminate her life.

You'd think from her images that she was living happily ever after, but she was dealing with a lot of issues. Suicide is real, and it simply takes strength to overcome it. Depression can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Seek the help of a therapist if your life-related ideas become strange.


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