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A Man Goes Viral After Carrying 60KG Person With His Beard: World Record Breaker


25 November 2021

A man has invented a new sport well to be played by everyone. All the players are a beard and a volunteer to hang on the very same beard.

A man around 40-45 years of age led by an example by showing how it's played and how do participants win when playing. Antanas Kotrimas was shown in a short clip with a lady hanging by his beard.

Although he is one who invented the sport, he appeared to show pain in his face as his face seemed strained.

Although others still find this sport interesting like the sport in Russia of men who tear each other's faces by slapping each other, most people have rejected this new sport and complained that it's a self-torture.

Take a look at the picture of Antanas holding a lady who weighed 60KG with his beard.

World genuineness is an organization that offers an award in exchange for breaking the record. The organization, World Genuineness offers people who are willing to break the world's records. Anyone is allowed to participate regardless of age and status they hold in society.

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