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Road Accident

Students watch in horror as teacher is hijacked in car park

It was a morning to forget for a teacher at the flamboyant Sanctor High School in Bethelsdorp. The teacher was hijacked just as she was disembarking from her car in the school parking lot. 

The incident happened at about 7:25am just as students were getting ready to start their academic day.

But it all went horribly wrong in the blink of an eye and it just was a painful thing to watch as it unfolded.

The principal said he was coming from prayers when he heard some noise and commotion in the car park.

He went to investigate and found the hijacking incident already in progress.

He said he could not get a proper glimpse at the people who hijacked his teacher as it all happened so quickly.

The principal said the hijacked car was a grey Polo sedan with licence plate FHK859EC.

The principal added that the teacher was still traumatized by the whole incident.


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