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Father ‘murdered’ teenage daughter ‘by driving over her twice and crushing her

Sources Laura Malt: Father ‘murdered’ teenage daughter ‘by driving over her twice and crushing her’ | The Independent

Father 'killed' young girl 'by rolling over her two times in the wake of attempting to go after beau with crowbar'

A dad killed his 19-year-old little girl by running over her two times as she shouted in misery, a court heard.

Nigel Malt, 44, is said to have been "completely overwhelmed by outrage" as he purportedly killed Lauren Malt outside her home in country Norfolk on 23 January this year.

The 44-year-old was alienated from his family as the relationship was "set apart by drink, drug-taking and the utilization of outrage and brutality", his preliminary heard on Thursday.

A jury heard realistic sound bites on Thursday of Lauren moaning after she was purportedly shown over two times to Malt in his dark Mercedes cantina vehicle at around 7.30pm. The occurrence occurred in their home town of West Winch close to King's Lynn in West Norfolk.

Norwich Crown Court was informed Malt was "in a fury" and that Lauren had been attempting to prevent him from going after her beau, Arthur Marnell, with a crowbar.

Arraigning, Andrew Jackson said: "In a fury, he planned to kill Lauren or possibly hurt her.

"He switched his vehicle into and pushed over his girl. Having thumped her to the ground and halted. He then drove the vehicle advances again over her body."

Remarking on cell phone accounts of the occurrence, Mr Jackson added: "You can hear Lauren in anguish underneath the vehicle.

"These terrible sounds probably been clear to the respondent."

The court heard that Lauren, who experienced a crushed spirit, bosom bone and ribs, passed on from horrendous wounds to her chest and midsection. Lauren was "killed," Mr Jackson added.

The jury was shown neighbors' cell phone film where Malt yells "Lauren get up please" after supposedly crashing into her while a female neighbor can heard yell "you've killed her, you've ****** killed her."

On film recorded at around 7.25pm, Malt said: "Don't get the police."

All things considered, the court heard Malt put his girl's dead body in his vehicle and drove her to a close by shop where Lauren's mom Karen - his alienated spouse - was working.

CCTV film from the shop showed Karen frantically attempting to help her girl, who was lethargic in the front seat of Malt's vehicle.

Allison Summers QC, shielding, proposed that what happened was a mishap and requested that legal hearers consider if Malt "really saw his little girl at or close to the rear of his vehicle."

She said he "had been drinking and was to a more prominent or lesser degree affected by liquor".

Ms Summers recommended Malt was "so diverted by his own indignation towards Arthur Marnell, so hellbent on triumphing when it's all said and done the final word against Arthur Marnell that rather than... making the appropriate checks to ensure nobody was behind him, he turned around at speed and in temper, not to kill or to cause his little girl serious damage".

Malt's relationship with his family was "set apart by drink, drug-taking and the utilization of outrage and viciousness by the litigant" and his significant other had moved into a different home last April. His alienated spouse had revealed him to police in April 2021 for attacking her, the examiner said.

"The alienation from his significant other and family energized his outrage," Mr Jackson added.

The preliminary proceeds.

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