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Fake Police Hijacked And Kidnapped Me At Hiddleburg ( man cries on facebook)

Although speeding off instead of stopping when one is being stopped by the police and other officers of the law is not something which one cab encourage for it can drag one into some good trouble with the law, Truth is with crime being the way it is in the country,One can say that it is okay to evade the cops if you happen to feel the need to do so when being stopped since not all of them now are not legit

So what happened now is that a certain car owner posted on Facebook asking for assistance in locating his car which was forcefully taken away from him by the so-called blue light robbers (fake police dressed in police uniform).According to the man not only did they hijack his car they also kidnapped him for a short space of time and then freed him after that.According to him this incident occurred between hiddleburg and villers 2 days back.

Refer to the attacjed pics below to see the car which the man has just been ripped off.

Please do see to it that you note down this number plate and be on the lookout for this rude wherever you go,If you by any chance happen to spot it please don't even think of approaching the guys,They are armed and extremely dangerous to be approached by an individual which is not armed and trained to handle harden criminals just call the police instead,

While you are on that please do see to it that you help elininate the hijacks and thefts of cars by stopping to support it through buying cheap cars and spares from the theives please.Share the article to help spread the awareness and to also get many people to be on the lookout for the hijacjed bakkie

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