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Inmate gay breaks the internet with his twerking video behind bars, are they enjoying in prison?

Mzansi left the divide after seeing inmates gay twerking behind bars.

Inmate gay trend after twerking behind bars with his other inmates, this man was showing happier on his video twerking and that angered Mzansi. Inmates show having fun and joy behind bars while victims are suffering outside by their doings.

Imagine seeing someone who raped a young child being happy like this in a prison, while a young child is hunted by what he has done to her. Mzansi demands more strict rules towards inmates so that even when they get out they should never think of repeating what they did when they think of the treatment behind bars.

However, some people teased him, saying that he is luckier because he will enjoy being in the same ward full of men. He will just pick whoever he wants to pick and have fun with.

About the issue of inmates having rights and enjoyments, how do you take it? Do you think is fine like that or our government should do something about it?

Leave your comments below about this issue. Let's hear what others say on Twitter about this twerking inmate.

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