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'This Is What Was Spotted After ANC Members Came To Fix Potholes

Oliver Tambo's warriors are fixing potholes, this is something that is completely concerning too many members of the public, because they have been complaining about the potholes in the area so because they want a situation where things are going very well for themselves.

They truly cannot be in a situation to compromise there community, because it is clear that they have been having a lot of troubles dealing with these incidences.

Which is very unfortunate for many members of the public, because they are in such situations where they're completely concerned about dealing with their issues. The unfortunate part about this is that the people are forced to live the lives that they live, and it is unfortunate that they are in such situations.

This is something that many Communities have been forced to take into the responsibility because they can see that the government is truly not going to do anything to change, and it is very unfortunate to have a lot of members of the public.

Because after paying so much tax is there is an envelope with the responsibility of fixing their own roads, and fixing other problems that they're experiencing.

So of course many members of the public are serious, and the fact that there is a lot of responsibility when it comes to fixing the issues everyone gets on their own.

This is something that is a bit of a concern to many members of the public, because they are in the situation that they are basically fixing issues like this.

It has become a constant then of contention the test seriously disturbed many members of the public, the other members of the public are seriously wondering to themselves if this is truly how things are going to be done.

Members of the public are seriously concerned about this, and they such lengths whereby they fixed their roads.

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