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' It Could Have Been Prevented'. 6-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Little Sister In The Head

A person who is in possession of a firearm should not be careless or leave a firearm lying around in places where children could reach. Not storing it in a safe place could bring harm to one of the people that you love the most.

A firearm is dangerous even when it is not in your hands! Pay close attention to the safe storage of your firearm - When you are not using your firearm, you should ensure that it is stored safely! Many firearm accidents result from the operator mistakenly believing a firearm is emptied, made safe, or otherwise disabled when in fact it is ready to be discharged.

The most important thing a firearm owner can do when kids are in an environment is to take extra precautions. Keeping your firearm out of reach of children will help prevent unnecessary injuries and fatalities. Children don't know how dangerous firearms are. If they gain access to one, they will probably think it's a toy and pull the trigger. Imagine if they aim at another child who doesn't know that one shot from a firearm to the body can lead to death!

With regard to kids gaining access to loaded firearms, a dreadful incident involving a gun took place at a house in Extension 31, Bethelsdorp in Gheberha. Three children, two boys who are six years old and girl aged five were playing with a firearm when one of the boys pulled the trigger and accidentally injured the five-year-old little girl in the head, who happens to be his sibling. She is in a critical condition.

The most effective way to prevent unintentional gun injuries, suicide and homicide to children and adolescents, research shows, is the absence of guns from homes and communities.

If you decide to keep guns in the home, ensure that all the guns in your home are locked and unloaded, with ammunition locked separately. Make sure children and teens can't access the keys or combinations to lock boxes or gun safes. And remember not to keep loaded, unlocked guns in the car, or anywhere else on your property, either.

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