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South African Asking For A Refund After Finding Out That The Hotel Is Owned By Nigerian Drug Dealers

South African asking for a refund after finding out that the hotel is owned by Nigerian drug dealers in Cape Town, Western Cape Province. This is something that is definitely out of order, because it is showing that individuals are simply fighting back against the injustice that has been committed here. Although it has been posted on social media as a way of showing the criminal activities that are being perpetrated, this is showing a sign of jealousy.

He is totally right How could a Nigeria man owns a Hotel in South Africa it raises too many questions, some people are doing this in order to show some kind of a solidarity but at the end of the day it doesn't change the fact that this individual used his own money to purchase this building.

So it doesn't make sense that he is receiving all this criticism, when in a way he has invested in the country and is probably providing jobs for people who work there. This is something that is also prevalent in many of our areas in the country we have seen it countless times, where individuals have went out of their way in order to prove a point.

But it is clear that this kind of behaviour doesn't lead to anywhere fruitful, matter of fact people should focus on ensuring that they are living their lives in a way that is conducive to them and not necessarily mind what other people are saying.

This Nigerian man has built something that is great for himself and his family so for such individuals to come, and say that they're asking for refunds from his business premises and posting it on social media. What are you trying to prove, when they could have been doing this silently without having to show the whole world.

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