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Two young female go missing around Thohoyandou Venda

The world that we live in today is a scary one, people are killed everyday in the country, people go missing everyday and for many different reasons.

Majority of people that go missing are female and children. Not all of them are found, 77% of the missing children are found and the remaining 23 percentage is never found. What happens to them?

With the high rate of human trafficking, it is believed that some of them are trafficked, some killed and buried were no one is unable to find them.

It looks like the cases of missing people is getting worse, to a point where some children are getting stolen from schools, in playgrounds or around their homes by unknown cars with no registration.

This past week saw two young female who reside around Thohoyandou, Venda go missing. 9 year-old Mpfunzeni Fiona Matodzi of Itsani Matieni village and 14 year-old Mudzuli Tshilongo from Tshitomboni village have both been reported missing.

The people in the area around Thohoyandou are on a search for the two missing girls since last week, praying and hoping for their safe return.

Its no longer safe for children to play far away from their homes, parents becareful and never allow children to play far away from homes. Take them to schools and fetch them after school or advise them to walk in groups.


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