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These are all the symptoms of damaged, aging infrastructure

Trains used to be a cheaper mode of transportation for millions of South Africans, now there are no trains. Our train stations and railway system is in ruins. South Africa's infrastructure is old, broken and putting your life at risk

•Cracked, potholed, unusable roads and bridges

•Non-existent passenger train and railway systems

•Crumbling and unsafe schools, hospitals and buildings

•Leaking water pipes, dirty water or no water at all

•Overflowing sewage and waste

•Constant power cuts and no electricity for days, weeks or months.

These are all the symptoms of damaged, aging infrastructure. A strong country needs good infrastructure well maintained infrastructure is critical and is the backbone of South Africa's economy and a job creator. When it is neglected, it becomes a danger to you and your community

You pay rates and taxes and what do you get in return? Very little, we people living in the gethos have been living in shambles since post apartheid, people living in suburban areas see that now because money apart from it being looted, it was fixing the ghetos so not all is that bad it ls equality trying to level its standards

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