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At least 22 young men and women found DEAD in East London tavern

Bloomberg doesn't call it a Tavern - not to confuse international audiences

S. Africa uses words differently compared to Standard English: think robots.

The word 'tavern' is a less common word for PUB · a place licensed for the sale and consumption of alcoholic drink ; a place where liquors, beer, etc. are sold.

In the old days this place would also include renting out a room; such a place is called an 'Inn' nowadays.

There should be very strict enforcement of the law at such places, what we call shebeens, or taverns or shisa-nyama.

The Liquor Licence Authorities have divisions called Social Responsibility and also Law Enforcement. You ask your self what exactly justify those who occupy those positions to earn salaries with blatant disregard of rules by tavern owners who open these joints till early hours of the morning in the middle of residential areas.

It's a must to bring back corporal punishment. This is very sad so young. It's like there's nothing you can really do because youngins takes orders from no one. Got to also cut them from eating all these fertile foods the Cheese, eggs that's how we grew up the least most of us turned out disciplined.

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