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Serious Weather Warnings for the next 3 days. Here's where and how to prepare.

The SAWS (South African Weather Service) as well as other sources have just issued four serious weather warnings for the next three days. These warnings are for different areas and different weather issues so be sure to read all of them, while taking note of the instructions I've laid out on how to prepare.

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When it comes to wind warnings, the first thing to do is secure anything in your yard that can fly away, like lawn accessories or tools. Anything that you can take inside your home, please do as it will protect those belongings.

Thunderstorms can cause a lot of damage to infrastructure and personal property depending on their intensity. They can also be a contributing factor to vehicular accidents. It for this cause that you need to be careful and alert when driving on the road. Drive under the speed limit and leave a large space between you and other vehicles.

Large amounts of small hail is expected and this can also cause damage to glass and windows on both homes and vehicles so be sure to protect them with covers.

The intensity of the warnings change from area to area so be sure to keep checking your whether forecast for information on your area.

Apart from the whether warnings above, we can see that over the weekend, most areas of the Country will be affected by some form of rain or storm. Do not make any plans for this weekend as you may not be able to fulfill them.

All these weather anomalies are being caused by a cut off low pressure system that will make landfall this weekend. So be sure to keep checking weather updates for more information. Give me your own opinion in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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