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Busted| Two Mozambican Men Nabbed After Being Caught With This

There's a high rate of crime in our country and there a lot of people who are selling illegal substances in order to make a living, yet they're not thinking about the health of their consumers. The law enforcement officers are doing a very good job by making follow-ups and taking their trips seriously when someone alerts them about crime. The searching of vehicles by the roads helps to prevent a lot of crimes such as the transportation of illicit products and kidnappings.

Hawks officers searched the truck used by the two men to travel from Mozambique and 34 plastic containers with crystal meth, each weighing a kilogram in newly-welded compartments on the vehicle. The most disheartening part is that young people are the ones who are more exposed to those illegal substances because they do not know how much damage it brings to their bodies. It is very exciting to see those people who are selling them illegal substances being caught because you know that a lot of lives have been saved.

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