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"Are you waiting for my mother to die before you release her money?" Daughter vents about FNB on TL

"Are you waiting for my mother to die before you release her money?" Daughter vents about FNB on the TL

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Some processes by institutions are unreasonable and inhumane. One of these are requesting that a person signs documents even when they are on their death bed.

A frustrated daughter took to the TL to out FNB for their insensitivity about her dying mother. Her mother is in ICU and obviously cannot do anything. All her bills are mounting up, adding more stress to her family. As it appears, FNB required that the dying mother comes to their branch to sign documents before they release money that is supposed to aid the bills.

Source: Twitter

As much as banks need to protect themselves from fraudsters, they are clawing to protocols and laws that disadvantage their clients and benefits them instead. How does someone who is on a death bed wake up from ICU to sign documents? Why are they not coming up with alternative options for situations like these because this is definitely not an isolated incident. There's also a lady who confessed that "Standard Bank did the same to me, she had to snap out of her ailments to sign a document."

A few other tweeps came forward and shared similar incidents, showing that this abusive bank culture is normal in this country and it is not about to change.

I dropped out of school because of FNB kesana, somebody working at FNB stole my mom's investments that was supposed to take us to tertiary. They been investigating it and now they are quiet, this is the 3rd year we still waiting😢 @FaloTroy_

I am sorry for what you are going through. @FNBSA and other financial services companies are making it impossible for families to access money, or even just information, that is desperately needed for their loved ones in their time of need. There are red tapes everywhere

That bank has a very bad reputation, especially towards black people. I don't understand why people still bank with them. Black people need to learn to boycott. @TheCynicc

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