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Nyaope lord arrested in Joburg, community wants this to be done on him

The fight against the scourge of drugs in the in the city of Johannesburg continues. Among the most abused drugs has of late been nyaope.

It has ruined the lives of many and the law enforcement agents are fighting hard to make the trade come to an end.

According to a tweet that was shared by the Johannesburg Municipal Police Department, one suspect got arrested by the JMPD K9 officers today.

Members of the K9 Unit embarked on an intelligence driven operation and made a follow up on information regarding a suspect who was operating in Soweto.

The members went to Zwane street in Jabulani, Soweto where there was a house which was being used as a drug den.

A search was conducted and the members found drugs that were being sold by a suspect.

Inside the house, there was an undisclosed amount of money which the members believed that it could have been proceeds from the sale of drugs.

ImageBoth the Nyaope and the cash was seized by the officers and they arrested the suspect. He is currently being detained by the South African Police Services as further investigations are being carried out.ImageMembers of the public were happy to hear the news and suggestions were being offered by the community members of areas where the trade of Nyaope is rampant. Among the areas which were listed are Hillbrow and Sunnyside where these gimmicks should be stopped.

An investigation is being carried out as the members seek to identify the supplier of the drugs which are destroying our communities.

Upon seeing the images of the suspect, some nasty things were being suggested as many looked incensed by his illegal operations.

It remains a mystery if some of them are practical. One user suggested that the suspect must have a charge of terrible jeans being placed against him!

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