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Watch: The Lady who was seen dancing with the Shembe congregants responded, this is what she said

On Thursday when the Shembe congregants were marching to Durban city hall to show support for their leader Mduduzi 'Unyazi Lwezulu' Shembe. There were more then 6 000 members of the Shembe congregants who were part of the march.

However in their march there was an incident that occurred as a lady was spotted dancing with the Shembe congregants. The lady however was chased away by one of the Shembe congregants.

It was said that the lady was chased away because of the way she was dressed and also because a woman can not dance with other men according to the Shembe traditions and customs.

The lady then took to social media to speak about how that whole incident made her feel. The lady said she was in her flat when she heard the noise that that the Shembe congregants made as they were matching.

So the lady went to look what was happening as she saw the Shembe congregants marching. The lady also mentioned how she loved the Shembe and also loved the way they dance.

That was when she decided to go and join them in their march. The lady also mentioned that she asked to be married but that was a scene that was not seen in the video that was made when she was amongst the Shembe congregants.

She also mentioned that she was hurt when she was chased away while she was still dancing by one of the Shembe member.


What the lady did was probably against the Shembe traditions and customs but they should not have embarrassed the lady like that. She probably does not know how the Shembe congregants do things and she was just enjoying their music.

To watch the video of the lady's response to the incident click on the link below.

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