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Study Says Women drive Better than Men. Could this be true?

For as far as most of us could think, men have been driving and could be concluded as drivers without research. Most driving jobs are still popularly known as men's field, especially when we focus on the busy transport and logistics.

However going into the recently published statistics it is claimed that women are 'better' drivers than men. The claims are according to Netstar after apparently examining its latest telematics data. The new data is said to be calculating registered incidents of vehicle impacts, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and harsh cornering as a percentage of total male and female Netstar customers.

According to Netstar official Cliff de Wit, the findings indicate that their female customers drove better than their male customers during the four months that they conducted their statistics. However this claims may be argued because they provide evidence and statistics from only one company.

There are more female and male drivers which were probably missed during the process. However all that should not be used to also take credit away from the "better" women included in the statistics.

The data is further more said to be providing real-time information to help insurers understand client driving behaviour. It is said to be able to allow them in setting relevant premiums and to incentivise safe and more sustainable driving.

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