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Road Accident

OPINION| Haunting Screams, Reckless Taxi Drivers, What Makes Them Risk Lives Of Passengers?


The video of a reckless taxi driver who drowned his passengers near Burgersfort yesterday has sent shockwaves across the country. During the ordeal, cellphone videos were rolling away and haunting screams of helpless witnesses can be heard.

Year after year, the murder of taxi passengers in this fashion continues unabated from province to province.

For a long time now, the masses have been complaining that most taxi drivers drive like they own South African roads and they think that they can drive better than everyone else. The lives of passengers have been risked with impunity.

In Burgersfort, trucks respected the flooded low bridge, but the taxi guy in question plunged in. Lives have been lost, other passengers have not been found, and probably drowned in the flooded river.

Is it fair to insinuate that reckless taxi drivers underestimate the power of every moving object, be it a train, truck, or pedestrians? So many lives are in the hands of careless taxi drivers, and they continue to be feared. Could this mean that passengers kept quiet regardless of the risk they were taking by crossing a bridge in those conditions? Why did they not get off when the driver was passing trucks?

So many unanswered questions. Passengers need to adopt a stance of leaving and boycotting certain taxis regardless of the situation. Yes, it is impossible because taxi drivers have no qualms about loading a rebel in the middle of nowhere without a refund.

This kind of accident should be avoided. Taxi drivers have a bad reputation and that alone is enough deterrent. Regardless of the power that taxi drivers possess, they need to put people's lives first. It is easy to judge them from afar, but people can not continue to die just because the driver is in a rush for his next load.

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