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Woman Shot & Killed By Boyfriend In Hilbrow

Joburg - A woman has been shot dead by her boyfriend in Hillbrow, it is alleged that the boyfriend had an argument with her over a WhatsApp message from another man. It is not clear how the argument ended but the boyfriend decided to approach her and shot her dead on the streets of Hillbrow. Such incidents make women live in fear as they will not be knowing what kind of men they will meet or they are living with, it is quite clear that some men just feel so entitled to women in a way that if they cannot have them they feel like someone else cannot.

Something must be done to stop such from happening, the government seems to be turning a blind eye on those matter. there is no way that arresting these people can solve anything because it's quite clear that they do not care, all they want is to make sure that the woman is dead and whatever happens after it’s less of their worries. But if there was a death sentence things would be different because the suspect would be knowing that once he gets caught, things will turn South for him.

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