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Taxi Driver Killed His Wife & Himself After Suspects Stole His Taxi & Did This To It

Mahikeng Is A Crime Scene, the problems that are experienced in an area a lot and you can see by the situation that they're getting into it is completely unreasonable and it is a serious problem in our society because we always experience hijackings and killings of the members of our Society.

They successfully stole his quantum- combi- taxi, his only source income, then killed himself right after killing his partner. Although many people are criticizing his actions saying that there was no need for him to kill himself or his partner, because he could have done another thing or come up from the bottom there was no reason for him to really take such steps.

Look at how his quantum was stripped off, weather normally watch perpetrators of crimes do when they are doing their robberies and hijackings. Other vehicles are smuggled out of the country then some of the cars are stripped off their parts like that, creating a source of revenue for the suspects who had done the crime.

The police are encouraging the ordinary members of the public to provide any information that might lead to the arrest of the suspects were involved in a horrible crime, so that the perpetrators of crimes can be brought to Justice because this is definitely unforgivable and it needs to be investigated in order to resolve this matter.

Really cannot allow such things to keep being perpetrated in our society because they were definitely lead to a situation where the members of the public are really affected in a negative way, and we cannot live in every unconducive state like this.

It's really sad that the taxi driver suddenly died alongside his wife for a very small reason there was no need for him to take his own life, also also to have his vehicle taken.

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