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Take a look at the evidence uncovered from the kidnappers' burned out vehicle in Venda.

Trafficking in persons refers to the illegal transportation or compulsion of individuals for the purpose of exploitation of their labour or sexual services. Zama-zamas are often male foreigners brought to South Africa to work in exchange for female foreign workers.

Human traffickers seem to have weakened our beloved province of Limpopo and begun treating the abduction of children as a hobby, despite the fact that we know the region to be relatively free from violence and politics. According to reports, they have been abducting children from various villages in the Vhembe area.

However, it appears that their luck ran out yesterday, as the locals rounded up and slaughtered them. The newest reports indicate that they took five children from Matanda primary school yesterday, and that their kidnapping spree halted a few hours later.

They allegedly made it to Mphephu plaza, where they attempted to forcibly steal five children in front of the mother. Their quick-thinking mother called for aid, and the kidnappers' car was quickly intercepted and dealt with.

Videos of the events leading up to the kidnappers' deaths have recently begun to circulate online.

This morning, a video surfaced online showing the locals of Nzhelele beating a group of kidnappers into submission and taking their belongings from their car.

There was a plethora of items on the suitcases that the kidnappers were using to entice children to come closer so that they might capture them.

We overheard those unloading the suitcase naming off the contents as they removed them, one by one. It turned out that they also had a brand new pair of sneakers and a massive packet of Nik-Naks. They also provided a selection of delicious new appetisers and fashionable new clothing.

The kidnappers and their automobile were burned to ashes, though, so yesterday was the final day they saw the sun set on Earth.

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