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A Zimbabwean Couple Illegally Entering South Africa To access Antenatal Care

Zimbabwean Couple Illegally Entering South Africa To access Antenatal Healthcare 

In the buzzer picture that was shared on social media, a heavily pregnant woman is being pushed by his husband on a wheelbarrow. Both the man and the woman look worried and anxious either because they do not know where they will sleep that night or if the woman will not go into labor while they are still on the road. Neither do they know how far they are to the nearest healthcare facilities

When Stephanie Biko posted this picture, he probably did it to raise awareness about the injustices that Zimbabweans endure under their government. He said that a Zimbabwean couple is entering South Africa illegally. They will demand healthcare from a South African state hospital. Once she gives birth they will demand citizenship for their child and a child support grant.

People were up in arms with this information, stating that it was unfair for South Africans to be funding the healthcare for non-South African citizens. The country was having its problems without having to take care of foreign nationals. These additional people were putting too much pressure on the state resources that are already stretched to the limit looking after South African people only.


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