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Last WhatsApp Message of Namhla Before She Was Shot 9 Times Reveals Numerous Secrets

Before Namhla was allegedly shot 9 times for allegedly trying to leave an abusive, she sent out a series of WhatsApp messages to people asking for prayers. She was said to have been shot after she tried to abandon her lover, who was allegedly violent. She revealed through the Whatsapp that she was being abused. A lady who read the message wrote, “Why do men hate us so much? She didn’t deserve to be shot 9 times because she wanted to leave a relationship that was breaking her down?

The police aren’t doing anything about it, worse part”. Many ladies are clamouring for justice, saying that women are no longer safe in South Africa. Another lady wrote, “He isolated her from her family. 

I mean after a month and with all this evidence and there’s been no arrests or even one suspect to be questioned?”.

There are many scares on the body of the young lady, depicting a series of abuse and violation. She really endured much in that relationship before her life was cut short by the person who shot her 9 times. Regarding the scares on her body and how she was beaten before now, another lady activist who is calling for justice for the slain lady wrote, “The sad part is the case was opened, the investigation officer is St. Loqani.

The day after the incident happened the police came and a statement was written, this was on the 22nd of April 2022. As a matter of fact, there has been no arrests & no one was questioned. This man broke her down emotionally, psychologically,physically until her death. These conversations are cringeworthy. Oh! yini umntanabantu". It was believed that the man shot him so many times to ensure that she does not have any chance of survival. Many women are chanting justice for her on social media, saying that enough is enough for the way women are being treated in South Africa.


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