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Youth and Crime in South Africa.

Crime may be defined as : "A violation of law for which the state may exact punishment." (South African -Professor Henry Lever). Pro. R.E Van der Ross, an educationist in the Cape , defined crime as "behavior which is repugnant to the social , moral and political standards of the politically dominant group of that society." (Causes of crime in an urban society).

Simply put , crime applies to those offences forbidden and punishable in terms of common or statutory law , e.g murder , culpable homicide , assault , theft , rape , house breaking and many other crimes that are committed daily in our townships in South Africa.

With the announcement by Stats SA of the increase in youth unemployment by 60% mainly due to Covid-19 and the recent vandalisation of shops in Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal it's no surprise that crime is on the rise because they are no jobs. Idle youths commit crime for survival. The youth need jobs and to be empowered by the government inorder to alleviate crime and poverty specifically in the African community.

For approximately a century now . Africans have been moving in increasing numbers from rural to urban areas . While much of this movement has been purely migratory , many black people have settled permanently in towns , set up families and produced an ever increasing town born population . Thus the behavior of the youth in urban areas probably differs from the youth in rural areas . The specific occupational , economic , social , residental and other environmental characteristics of urban life in which the young person finds himself affects him or her greatly. Our youth need incentives to keep them preoccupied and motivated inorder for them to contribute towards the development of our economy. 

Unemployment brings many frustrations, the inability to help with home expenses , the impossibility of satisfying personal desires , and the inability of keeping up with friends who have employment greatly contributes to crime for nourishment , toiletries , self medication and competition. It's pretty clear that the solution for the youth is education , yes some graduates are unemployed but with an education one has a better and higher chance of working compared to one without any and the tools of education empowers a person to come up with solutions to the problem that is unemployment.

The educated young people have greater opportunities in the world of work , while the uneducated are in serious danger of the unemployment list. Because of unemployment frustration some of the young people resort to illegal activities like robbery , drug use , rape and vandalism of property . The government together with the community need to put their heads together to address youth unemployment and the crime that follows it inorder for South Africa to move forward and for the economy to improve.

What incentives do you think the government should come up with inorder to address unemployment amongst the youth?

What can be done to fight crime in our country?

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