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A young girl committed suicide after her parents insisted she have a child for her rapist.

Due to the aggressive nature of men, there is no place for children or women to feel safe in this world. Government officials aren't doing anything to prevent cases like this from happening.

An 18-year-old cousin of Lizzy's committed suicide after she was raped by her father, a family friend, and her parents allowed him to walk away. Lizzy took to Twitter to express her outrage.

In an email she sent to Lizzy just before she died, her cousin explained why she had committed suicide, which she forwarded to the rest of the family. They let him go and locked her up in the house so she wouldn't have an abortion after he raped her at home. They fought for her to get justice after she mentioned this in an email she sent.

Lizzy stated at the funeral that she intends to fight for justice on behalf of her late cousin, and she stated that she intends to fight at the funeral as well.

The worst kind of people are those who allow their daughter's abuser to slip through their fingers. Even if she was raped by an insane person, making her keep the child of that person, or whoever it is, is even worse.

I'm left with the impression that the parents didn't truly love their daughter based on the current situation. To put it another way, they let her suffer without intervening, and they owed it to her to speak up and report what was happening to the authorities.

To express their thoughts and opinions about the post, people rushed to comment on it as soon as they saw it.

@Amit: It was pointed out to me by you. "You ought to! Some jurisdictions allow for prosecution based on a suicide note, and that is exactly what this email was. She committed suicide, and her parents should be held accountable for their involvement in her death." He sat down and started writing.

@Scarlet: Exactly what I'm looking for. "For fun, I'd print out a copy of the email and distribute it with the software. In today's society, it is unacceptable for parents who are supposed to protect their children to treat them as a source of shame instead. Expose the dirty deeds of the scumbags and bring them to justice." She penned a novel.

@Jari: It was pointed out to me by you. "What is your distance from me, because if I were closer, I would join your fight. Please accept my apologies for the loss of your loved one and for the anguish he or she had to endure." She wrote a letter to the editor.


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