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Warning Graphic Video Shows The Murder That Took Place At A Complex, Hijackers Wanted


The video footage shows an incident where a murder is occurring on a law abiding citizen of this country while he is accessing his premises, what we see in the incident is the vehicle coming through the gate we see one security guard running away as if going to get help

However, we're still not sure if that is the case and then we see another incident where the suspect is basically fighting with the owner of the vehicle to get ahold of the car but then it gets to a point where the suspect ends up shooting the owner of the vehicle in the head in order to take the vehicle.

He then proceeds to call his accomplices to come inside the premises and help him remove the men from the vehicle and take the car because he was alone at that moment, to be honest many people believe that the accomplices could have also been shocked at that moment that he even went as far as shooting the victim because it was completely unnecessary.

Victim murdered by hijackers : Linden. Gauteng province. Do u recognise these suspects? Call 10111 or your nearest CPF.

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