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Meet The Most Notoriously Dangerous Gangs in South Africa


Apartheid shaped South Africa for decades. Longstanding racial tensions exist. The Group Areas Act of 1950 dispossessed Blacks from their homes and relocated them. In overcrowded areas, residents formed gangs. In 2013, officials estimated Western Cape had 100,000 gang members.

List of famous gangs. Gangs have carved out a niche in a country with a terrible past. Underprivileged communities often have no other choice.


The Numbers Gang is South Africa's most notorious gang. Two men protested against severe working conditions in a mine in the late 1800s.

A prisoner in South Africa is classified as a 27 or a 28. 26s specialize in robbery and slipping stuff into prison, whereas 27s require stabbing a guard or warden. The 28s must assault another male prisoner to join.

Being a Numbers Gang member apparently helps you navigate and survive the South African prison system.


The Americans Gang's integration led to segregation and apartheid. This violent group wears blue, white, and red and has "USA" tattoos. Members also have enormous photos of Uncle Sam. The group's members commit crimes with strong allegiance and remarkable readiness for death. The American is without a doubt the most violent and active gang in Cape Town.

Gang Sexy

This violent Cape Town gang expanded from Chestnut Place. The Sexy Boys are notorious drug dealers and cab drivers. Despite its cheery name, the group is deadly. The group's leaders were arrested in Cape Town in the early 2000s. Because of this, it is one of Cape Town's most dangerous gangs.


The Hard Livings are Cape Town's second-largest gang. Rashied and Rashaad Staggie founded the gang in 1971 in Manenberg, upsetting neighbors. Rashied Staggie was burned in 1996.

Despite Staggie's murder, the gang continued to trade drugs and joined with the Sicilian mafia and Chinese triads.

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