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A 70-years old man returned home 47 years later after he was sent to buy rice. Check his respond

A 70-years old man returned home after 47-years after he was sent to buy rice.


According to the family statement, an old man volunteered to go and buy rice for his family. His wife gave him money to go buy rice and it was the last day he saw his husband until he returned after 47-years.

The family of Rondo opened a case of a missing person, after seeing an old man not returning home. Days past and there were no signs, even police could track the old man. The search continued until police officers confess that an old man he is nowhere to be found.

Rondo's family accepted that an old man has been kidnapped, killed, and buried somewhere, they mourned him and made peace with it. Rondo's wife told the media that it wasn't easy for her to accept that her husband had gone missing after they planned many things together.

He had to accept and try to move on with her life, Rondo's wife Nikita had to take on of the family and support her children, Rondo was having 5 children 3 girls 2 boys. Nikita had to find a job and start supporting her children.

After 47-years they were surprised by an old man who claimed to be Rondo, he returned home to claim his family back. Rondo confessed that he was having affair with some farm lady and he was staying with her all those days. Rondo blames his side lady for not coming home all those days. He says he was given Muthi to forget his family. He says he didn't even think or remember his family all those years until his side lady die.

Rondo found his wife married to another man and his children were also married and staying at their own houses. Rondo asked forgiveness from his family and claim to reunite with them. Nikita told Rondo that is late for back loves at their age.

As a reader do you think Rondo was telling the truth about the Muthi he was given or he was just hiding with that? Leave your thoughts below. Don't forget to share, like, and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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