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Husband and wife relationship

Opinion: "After paying Lobolo and your wife bake cakes like this" A man posted on Facebook

A man posted on a baking group on Facebook asking people that what can they do if their wife bales something like this. This ended up getting people's attention because truly most of the wives can not bake. This became a joke that as a woman you must take some time teaching yourself how to bake. These things you need to tough while you are young. The man said if a lady bake like this after the lobola you must go back there and make her change. Women need to teach each other how to bake so that they can be able to spoil their partners.

Just imagine being forced to eat these cakes just because your wife baked with love and you don't want to disappoint them. Such things are really small but they matter for a lady to show off to her partner. This picture has tough lot of people that they need to practice baking. This man had to eat this so that his parent will not feel offended or bad in any way. But truly speaking this is not acceptable after being paid Lobola for.

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